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Fuat Yaman: Barcelona Wins!

Fuat Yaman: Barcelona Wins!

The legendery football player of Besiktas and Turkish football, Fuat Yaman analyzed El Clasico.Fuat Yaman replied the questions of ElClasico.Biz and analyzed the match.

Mr. Yaman what do you think about Mourinho’s action?

Mourinho left Real Madrid when the team was active, positive and open to development. Real Madrid has world-wide successful players thanks to Mourinho such as Di Maria and Rapeal Varane.

El Clasico Mesut Özil’siz oynanacak. Mesut Özil gittikten sonra ne değişti ? Düşünceleriniz nelerdir?

El Clasico without Mesut Özil. What are thechanges after Mesut Özil? What is your opinion?

Mesut Özil is an important player and one of the indispensible ones. There are many players in the forward position in Real Madrid but Mesut Özil was a magician. After Mesut, the difference is seen, the lack of creative player is seen.The difference of Arsenal is seen as well. Arsenal became one of the candidates of Championship.

After the injury for two months, Lionel Messi is back. How is his current performance?

He is effective after his injury. He is still scoring goals. After a boring Levante match, I was having suspecisions about Messi because it is usual to decrease the performance after being injured but he is still in his old performance.

Cristiano Ronaldo had the Ball d’Or. Did he deserve it?

Cristiano deserved the Ball d’Or with his performance in Real Madrid. Both in Madrid and in Portuguese National Team, his performance is obvious! The statistics of last two years are spectacular.

It was Neymar’s first El Clasico. How can you evaluate his performance?

Neymar has a high level of performance, young and open to innovations. But he is still improving himself in Barcelona with many other young players. He needs time. He is playing in Barcelona. For example if he was in Real Madrid, the expectations would be different. We could not wait him and show patience but with an incresing performance, he will become a more effective player. I believe that he will be the best player and he is young now.

Did Tata Martino, the new coach of Barcelona change the system?

I did not observe change in Barcelona’s system with Tata Martino. Whoever comes, Tata or someone else cannot change the system and I believe that it will not change. There is an active , positive, dynamic coach now.

What do you think about Fabregas?

Especially in Arsenal ,Fabregas was spoken too much. But when he came to Barcelona, his performance was developed with Xavi and Inıesta. He is extremely clever and effective. I do not understand why he does not sometimes play in first 11. I do not know the reason, maybe due to the rotation or coach’s preferences. Messi is different. Fabregas is important in one point. When Xavi and Iniesta are not playing or there is no centre-forward player, he can play in the midfield, offansive, centre-forward position.

What do you think about Casillas and Diego Lopez?

I might prefer Lopez. He is great. Casillas is experienced and famous but Lopez is effective with his physical features. Mourinho and Ancelotti prefered Diego Lopez. I agree with them. Mourinho got reactions due to Casillas and he was confident in his decision. Media and followers disagreed with Mourinjo. But everybody saw his correct decision in Diego Lopez.

Real Madrid welcomes Barcelona. How can you evaluate Real Madrid?

In my opinion, Ancelotti is ineffective. I did not appreciate him neither in Milan or Chealse. Real Madrid has serious troubles in system. But Atletico and Barcelona’s unexprected loss of points carried Real to the first rank. He has effective and scaring line of scrimmage but in case of injury of Ronaldo, how can he manage the match successfully with Benzema, Jese, Morata and Bale?

I do not believe that Real with Ancelotti may defeat Barcelona. He cannot give a new system in a long term to Real. I see a weak system in Ancelotti.

Ronaldo with one word?

Machine! A body with performance, discipline and ability. He is not the best form e. I admire creative players like Messi. The positions are different as well but football is a whole game. The effect of Messi is more creative than Cristiano.

Gareth Bale with one word?

For now, “EXPENSIVE”. In my opinion, he is expensive.

Lionel Messi with one word?

“The Best”. For now, with his character, abilities, troubles that were overcome in past… He is the best for now!

Neymar with one word?

“Half Open Rose” Neymar reminds me a half open rose.

Xavi with one word?

“EXPERT” He is an experienced and expert player.

İniesta with on word?

“Magician”. He was a candidate of my top list. I have different expectations. I still have. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo had Ball d’Or. I agree with it. But Iniesta should a different place in Cristiano Ronaldo- Messi struggle.

Can you estimate the score and can you make a comment?

I believe that Ancelotti will try to stabilize the current points. So Barcelona will be the winner because they need to win for being champion. I could think another result if Real Madrid was with Mourinho.  My estimation is 2-1. Barcelona’s goals may be scored by Messi and Fabregas and Real Madrid’s by Ronaldo and Benzema.

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